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The rental market is strong and is driving property prices up. Experts have highlighted the Algarve as the region with the greatest potential for growth. Ideal Homes Portugal is based in the Algarve and has expert property advisors who can help you find that perfect investment property.

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Why the Algarve!?

With the word spreading that the Algarve boasts over 300 days of sun a year, the number of foreign tourists visiting Portugal rose nearly 12% last year to a record of 12.7 million people. Portugal booked over $17 billion in tourism revenue last year, according to data from the World Tourism Organisation which shows the country overtook Greece ($14.6 billion) for the first time.

With incentives for residency, tax and a mature rental licensing system, international recognition as a top tourism destination, plus the added bonus of mortgage rates as low as 1.75% – it’s no surprise Portugal and the Algarve keeps growing in popularity.

‘We’ve seen a significant increase in second home buyers investing for the purpose of rental income. It’s the best of both worlds; a holiday home and a massive income source when not in use,’ recently noted by Chris White, CEO, Ideal Homes.

*In our case example, our Property Owner paid as little as €475,000 to in turn receive a 2018 rental revenue of 55,000€! Our Property Owner has chosen the Premium Aftersales Package which costs 800€ per annum plus IVA (just 2,69€ per day)!

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Debbie D

From the weekend viewing trip to the purchasing procedure, Ideal Homes have been with us every step of the way. We decided to let Ideal Homes also manage it for us. They are very professional in all they do, including meet and greet, taking care of literally everything to make the guest’s have a trouble free holiday.

Inessa B

As an owner, I have worked with Ideal Homes Rentals since 2016, and I highly recommend them. They take great care of my property, my guests and me. My property gets happy reviews, and guests have mentioned how they appreciate the attention and guidance they get. International real estate guru Ronan McMahon works exclusively with Ideal Homes in Portugal, which is how I have originally come to them, bought property with them and have them as my management company. A happy customer/owner.

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Portugal crowned European champions

Even without Cristiano Ronaldo, who was injured after a strong challenge early in the Euro 2016 final against France in Paris, Portugal were crowned champions of Europe.



A super strike by substitute Edér was the difference between the two teams, who both hit the hit woodwork during the match.

Portugal are the only team to have not lost the in the tournament in regulation or extra time besides Poland – who were beaten on penalties by Portugal. The men in red showed once again that while their style was not to the liking of European football writers, it was the style that was required to win a major football tournament.

Whatever is written, Portugal will go down in history as the champions of the 2016 European championships – a feat they managed to achieve without Cristiano Ronaldo, proving to other teams that one or two great players do not win a trophy, but that a proud, inspired team, with a nation behind it, is what it takes to win the most coveted trophy in European football.

Congratulations Portugal, from the team at Ideal Homes!

Community Spirit in the Algarve

As residents here in the Algarve, we are proud of the community spirit that we witness everyday in different towns throughout the Algarve.

The Portuguese as a nation are known to be very family orientated and usually seem to spend a great deal of time making memories with their families.

It was lovely to visit Olhao, in the Eastern Algarve, on Sunday evening, where we visited a fantastic fundraising event “Arraial Escutista” for the local Boy Scouts club.


The atmosphere was excellent; the area was decorated with colourful banners draped through the trees, and inside the event was filled with many tables and chairs, food and drink tents, and a huge stage area with live music acts performing throughout the evening!

Stallholders had baked homemade cakes, some were serving freshly squeezed orange juice, and many supplied ranges of different foods and drinks; all in contribution to raising funds at the event, for the boy scouts.

Families were dancing, children were playing, and it was beautiful to be surrounded by a community that supports one another.

Community Spirit – just one of the reasons why we love the Algarve!

Dia de Liberdade – 25 de Abril

Freedom Day on 25 April is a national holiday in Portugal, with both state-sponsored and spontaneous commemorations praising the elemental civil liberties and political freedoms achieved after the revolution. It commemorates both the 25 April 1974 military coup, and the first free elections on that date in 1975.

If you have been in Portugal on April 25th, you will  have experienced the sensational community spirit and celebrations that take place throughout the entire nation to celebrate the country’s freedom on this day.

We enjoyed visiting Tavira, in the Eastern Algarve, on the weekend of the 25 Abril celebrations, and were welcomed to join in the fun and enjoy some of the events and entertainment that was brought together by the community in Tavira town.

It was mid afternoon, very warm, and the perfect opportunity for a visit to Tavira. As we crossed the lake, over the bridge, we couldn’t miss the long stretch of tents, creating an impressive market along the entire length of the town.


The market was run by local residents, who were working to share their crafts, creations, and charisma!

wood Anything you asked for, could be carved right in-front of your eyes!

spices A tent full of spices, and a wise gentleman to advise!

Seasonings and Honey, as well as traditional Portuguese cheese and wine, were just a few of the fine culinary options available on display.

As the sun set on Tavira town, the market continued, and the fantastic live evening entertainment began, as residents gathered to celebrate freedom and success of Portugal together as one.

concertcrowd concert

Vilamoura: Portugal’s best beach for people with mobility problems — Algarve Chats

Vilamoura has been named Portugal’s “most accessible beach” for people with physical disabilities. “It’s a huge honour,” said Loulé mayor Vítor Aleixo as he accepted the award at Lisbon’s Pavilhão do Conhecimento on Tuesday (April 12). “It is fair recognition of Loulé council’s social inclusion policies,” he said, adding that the award will motivate the […]

via Vilamoura: Portugal’s best beach for people with mobility problems — Algarve Chats

Travel Essentials for your trip to Portugal

We don’t know about you, but we still haven’t cracked the bad habit of last-minute packing!

You glance at your almost-full suitcase, you notice your favourite t-shirt and new swimming costume have made their way inside; but it makes you realise that perhaps it would be sensible to check what necessities you may actually require during your trip.

Euros / Bank Card

First thing’s first, unfortunately you may not get very far without some local currency. Portugal’s currency is the Euro, and these can be retreived all over the world via currency exchange companies.

If you would rather wait until you’re in Portugal before changing up your funds, you can easily use your own bank cards from home in local ATM machines (Multibanco’s), where you can select the amount of Euros you require, and then receive the current local exchange rate as it withdraws the Euros from your bank in your own currency, and prints you out a receipt displaying the amount withdrawn from your account.

Photocopy of photographic ID

It is currently a legal requirement to carry legal photographic identification everywhere with you in Portugal, resident or not.

A passport or driving license is sufficient, but it is common for residents and travellers in Portugal to carry photocopies of their passport or driving license rather than the original copies, for safety and peace of mind that they will not be lost.


Portugal is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and stunning sights, so just in case it slipped your mind, you would long for your camera if you didn’t have it by your side in Portugal!

Sensible shoes

The dainty cobbled streets throughout Portugal are appreciated and cherished, until one of the party decide to wear 5″ high heeled shoes and twist their ankle, resulting in crutches for the rest of the holiday!

A pair of comfortable, non-slip shoes would solve any unpleasant instances as above. Plus, you’ll probably be exploring the wonderful cities or small towns, so will need to be on top form for exploration in the shoe department!

Sintra, Portugal


Wherever it is that you’re travelling to in Portugal, you will find that there are many little Nooks N’ Crannies that you could pass without noticing, and sometimes the best eateries, wineries, or even shops are hidden in these unexpected places!

If you are using a car whilst you visit, a GPS system would be useful to help you navigate the different areas and amenities nearby. It also pics up local restaurants, supermarkets, and even petrol garages!

If you are planning to be spending most of your time in towns, a handheld local map would probably be most useful.

Finally – do not panic! If you are lost, do not hesitate to ask locals for directions, if they are able to understand you, they will be more than happy to help!

Plug Adaptors

Imagine having been travelling all day, finally arriving at your lovely new home for the next week, only to realise you forgot to pack adaptors for your plugs! In Portugal the power sockets used are of type F. For power sockets of type F you need a power plug adaptor. The two-point pin style plugs are used all over Europe, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding adaptors for your plugs from home.

download (1)type_f_large-150x130

Sunglasses and Suncream

Last but definitely not least, whatever time of the year it is that you are visiting Portugal, it is important that you remember these two pieces of vital equipment!

You may not feel that you would need sunglasses and suncream in the winter months of the year, but you must remember to protect your eyes and skin from the sun’s UV rays. As time goes on, the UV rays of the sun are becoming more violent to naked eyes and skin; plus, the weather may surprise you with a few bursts of heat and sunshine when you’re least expecting it! We locals, have experienced this on plenty of enjoyable occasions!

We hope that you found this guide a tiny bit useful, and that you enjoy your stay in amazing Portugal!

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Portugal is Getting Pretty Popular

Kolby Does Europe

Published for BC Childrens Lottery

Portugal is getting pretty darn popular .

The beautiful, sun-drenched Iberian country has been popping up on several ‘Best in Travel’ lists for years now – it’s cheaper than most of its European carbon copies, like Italy or France, and it’s less clogged. And now, it’s challenging them.

Portugal is “still waking up to its own worldly importance, and as a result, still vivid and sparklingly fresh,” wrote Eli Gottlieb last year, in a feature for the New York Times.

“Whether you join a tour or create your own itinerary, there’s no shortage of activities or beauty in this European country,” writes Michelle Jerson, for Mashable. “If you’re looking for a trip with the perfect mix of city, castles, small towns, gorgeous coastlines, friendly people and great food, then consider Portugal – not as a stopover, but as a true destination all its own.”

Read: ‘Best Place…

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Portugal wins favourite European Destination

Portugal is paradise! Sunspot country tops poll of favourite European destinations for Britons.

Portugal scores an impressive 41 out of 50 when assessed as destination.

  • France finishes bottom of the poll – with low score on welcome from locals
  • Survey quizzed over 2,000 Britons about their favourite European hotspots

It is the sunshine enclave that has long lured British holidaymakers to its beaches – and its popularity shows no sign of waning, according to a new survey.

What’s more, this much-visited place in the sun is not Spain, but its neighbour Portugal.

Research by a holiday insurance firm into what – in the eyes of British travellers – makes for a great holiday destination, has placed Europe’s most south-westerly country in the top spot.

A place in the sun: With pretty towns such as Lagos, Portugal's Algarve region is big with Britons

A place in the sun: With pretty towns such as Lagos, Portugal’s Algarve region is big with Britons.

Schofields questioned 2,614 British holidaymakers who have enjoyed a beach break in the past 12 months, and stayed in a holiday home.

The study asked them to rate five European holiday enclaves on the basis of accommodation, food, entertainment, local welcome, and overall enjoyment factor.

Portugal achieved an impressive total of 41 out of a possible 50, and scored highly (out of 10) on accommodation (nine), food (eight), entertainment (seven), local welcome (eight) and overall enjoyment (nine).

This meant that it eclipsed Greece (38 out of 50), the UK (35) and Italy (32).

France, perhaps surprisingly, finished bottom of the poll with a total score of 30, and low ratings of just five for local welcome and six for overall enjoyment.

Algarve beach

Algarve beach

Grab your bucket, bring a spade: The beaches along the south coast of the Algarve are a haven for sun-seekers.

But equally, Portugal offers plenty of attractions to please sun-worshippers seeking a week on a lounger – not least its southern Algarve region, where the likes of Faro, Albufeira and Carvoeiro are festooned with hotels in sight of the seafront.

‘Portugal seems to be the destination of choice at the moment for British holidaymakers,’ says Phil Schofield of Schofields Holiday Home Insurance.

‘What we found interesting is that the high point of almost every holiday is the accommodation, which scores highest or joint highest out of the categories for all countries except Italy.’

While the UK only finished third in the table, it did top a sub-category.

According to the survey, holidaymakers who had stayed in the UK were twice as likely to return to the same place compared to those who had holidayed anywhere else in Europe.


Family Days Out in the Algarve

So, you’re counting down the days on your calendar until you arrive in the long-awaited, sun kissed Algarve. There is just one recurring thought playing on your mind: “how do we keep the whole family occupied during the entire holiday?”

Hopefully some of these activities will be ideal for all of the family to enjoy, wherever it is that you are holidaying in the Algarve!

  • Zoomarine– located in Guia, just a few kilometers from Albufeira, this is one of the most popular touristic attractions in the Algarve.  It is a large activity park with various aquatic shows  involving dolphins, seals and sea lions.  It is one of the few places in Europe where you are able to swim with dolphins.  As well as being entertaining, the park is educational with various information provided about ecological themes, highlighted inside the park’s own 4D interactive cinema.  There are also playgrounds, a Carousel and other larger rides for children, together with swimming pools and other amusements. The park is popular because of its diversity for children and families alike with individual interests. (
  • Waterparks-  There are three main water parks, located along the Algarve: Splash & Slide in Lagoa (, Aqualand in Alcantarilha (, and Aquashow in Quarteira (  A good day out with lots of facilities to keep children (and adults!) amused.
  • Lagos Zoo-  Located in the countryside just outside Lagos, this animal park concentrates primarily on monkey types and birds, with a petting area with ponies, donkeys, goats and other animals, particularly popular with young children.  There are restaurants, a picnic area and playgrounds. (
  • Children’s Life Sciences Centres- Kids love to get involved and that’s exactly what they can do at the Centros de Ciências Vivas in Faro or Lagos. There are plenty of interactive exhibitions and experiments to awaken curiosity. The centres are inspired by Portugal’s rich seafaring past and positively promote renewable energy. The centres are very good value for a few hours fun. A family ticket (2 adults and 6 children) costs €8.
  • Karting- If your little monkeys feel the need for speed, then Karting is a great option. There are no less than 4 locations for Karting in the Algarve. In Albufeira, there is a fabulous indoor track (, there is a pretty impressive outdoor track at Almancil (, and another great karting track near Portimão, adjacent to the International Race Track, home to world championsips and Superbike competitions (
  • Mini Golf– The whole family can visit some of Portugal’s most world renowned Golf Courses for a more laid back and fun family game of Mini Golf. Locations including Vilamoura ( or  Quinta do Lago ( are popular for their Mini Golf facilities.
  • Parque Aventura – Albufeira.  In this Adventure Park, you can learn to move from tree to tree with zip lines, rope bridges and ascenders.  Enjoy various games and trails (
  • Boat Trips- While they might not want to stay still for too long, most children really enjoy boat trips. The adventure of boarding, hoisting the anchors and riding the waves while trying to spot pirates on the horizon usually goes down very well. You could even add in a trip through the caves and secret grottoes of the coastline, aboard a small boat and a BBQ lunch on a private beach, and you should have a very happy tribe at the end of the day.

Throughout the entire stretch of the charming Algarve region, there are countless opportunities to explore wonderful new places and partake in some of the most memorable activities that a whole family can enjoy together. These were just a few of our suggestions as locals in the Algarve.

See you on the better side!

A pink palace in the Algarve

Salt of Portugal

358 - Pousada de Estói - @mariarebelophotography.comFIt takes a long time to build a beautiful palace. An Algarve aristocrat started in 1840 to build the Estoi palace in an estate near Faro. When he died, his son took over. But by 1893, the building was still unfinished and seemed destined to become a decorative ruin. It was then that a wealthy landowner bought the palace and spent a fortune on its completion. The sumptuous inauguration took place in May 1909. Decades later, the palace was abandoned.

In 2009, a century after its inauguration, Estoi opened once again, this time as a luxury historical hotel. It is a place out of a fairytale, its opulent salons and elegant gardens restored to their original glory.

Our stay at Estoi was an extraordinary experience. Some days, we relaxed by the pool and spent time admiring the statues, fountains and myriad of architectural details. Other days, we went to the…

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